Small Business Services

Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. offers accounting services designed specifically to meet the needs of small business clients.

Small Business Accounting

Small Business CPA

Even the most successful small businesses often struggle with their bookkeeping and payroll systems.

  • Our services keep you up‐to‐date with industry standard accounting practices, allowing you to focus your energies on the part you know best: building your business.
  • We provide in‐depth QuickBooks setup and training services for small business accounting. We make sure you have exactly the right QuickBooks setup, and the know how to use it effectively.

Few people enjoy dealing with payroll and payroll taxes, especially when it’s simply not your field of expertise, and the things you do know well aren’t getting done. That’s where Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. can help. Visit our Payroll Services page to learn how we take the weight off your shoulders and let you get on with the work you know best.

Contact Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. today to learn how we can help streamline your day‐to‐day financial practices, or call us at 724.863.4261.

Support for Startups

Running a business is never easy, but things are always more difficult in the beginning. We know this, because we’ve gone through it ourselves. Let us help you get your momentum going, while avoiding the pitfalls common to many small business startups.

Visit our Services for Startups page to learn more about how we help guide you through the steps to get your business successfully up and running.

We offer bookkeeping training and implementation, tax planning, and state/federal form compliance services, to make sure that you’ll be focusing on what really matters: your clients and your product.

Call us today at 724.863.4261 to discover how we can help kick start your business.