Labor Union Audits

Labor Union Audits

Labor unions are dedicated to the members they serve.

At Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co., our associates bring extensive experience to the table in ensuring that the unions we serve operate in a fiscally sound fashion, benefitting their members.

Your Duty as a Labor Union Trustee

Your primary role as elected trustee is to ensure that your organization’s assets are accounted for and utilized with your members’ best interest in mind.

You help ensure that your union is financially complying with its constitution and bylaws, and that it’s in full tax compliance, both in recordkeeping and payment history.

The primary tool you have at your disposal for accomplishing these tasks is the Labor Union Audit, for which Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. offers one of the most experienced programs in the Pittsburgh region.

Department of Labor Reporting

Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. offers experienced preparation of forms  LM‐1, LM‐2, LM‐3, LM‐4, LM‐10, and LM‐30 from the Department of Labor Management.

The LM series of forms are required by the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, also known as LMRDA or the “Landrum‐Griffin Act.”

Unions subject to the LMRDA are required to file copies of their constitution and bylaws, an initial report form (LM‐1), and annual financial reports (Form LM‐2, LM‐3, or LM‐4) with the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS).

These reports are in the public record.   Congress intended the LMRDA to provide public infomation about labor unions, their officers and employees, employers, labor relations consultants, and surety companies; hence the requirement to file reports which are public information and available for disclosure at OLMS offices.

If you’re not familiar with the public records and reporting requirements of the LMRDA, shouldn’t you be working with Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co.?

How We Provide Help and Assurance

Our primary objective is to make sure that you know exactly what’s going on with your organization’s finances and management systems.

  • With our labor union auditing program, we delve into your organization’s financial records to compile a comprehensive report, detailing where the union stands both financially and managerially.
  • We also ensure that you are in full compliance with all regulatory agencies that govern your union, making suggestions for solving any potential issues that we find.

Your job is to better serve the members of your organization. Our job is to serve you. Call us today at 724.863.4261 or contact us to learn more about how we can help.