Workers’ Compensation Audits

As a specialty service to insurance carriers, Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. performs Workers’ Compensation audits to provide peace‐of‐mind that covered entities are reporting employee payroll coverage correctly.

Quality Auditing Services

Our precise, detailed audit reports start with an accurate premium projection; however, we go deeper.

We’ll be sure to ask all of the right questions, especially determining whether hired subcontractors are covered by their own workers’ compensation insurance.

  • By placing an emphasis on accurate premiums estimates, we reduce the post‐policy year bill that many business owners have come to dread.
  • We work hand‐in‐hand with your subcontractors to ensure that accurate information is compiled and reported.
  • We help our clients check on how well payroll projections are lining up with the actual numbers, enabling them to know in advance if and when an adjustment in their payment plan is necessary.

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Amiable Auditors: The Key to a Strong Customer Relationship

Your goal is to create lasting business relationships, and we represent you when we interact with your clients and subcontractors.

You can’t afford to have an auditor leave a bad taste in your clients’ mouth, and at Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co., we strive for the kind of professionalism with a smile that reflects well on your business.

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