Our Practice

Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. strives to provide the highest quality of services to our clients, meet our obligations to the public and our community, and meet the standards of our profession. All three of the founding partners have over 25 years of focusing on excellence in client service, and providing depth and breadth of expertise to multi‐employer benefit plans, labor unions and not‐for‐profit entities. We focus on being available and accessible to clients, and being able to deliver the services and solutions that support their needs.

In early 2013, Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. was created when the founding members ‐ James Albanese, Joanna Sinchar and Gary Smith ‐ joined forces to become the accounting firm of choice for multi‐employer benefit plans, labor unions and not‐for‐profit entities and since that time, other highly skilled individuals have joined our firm.

The firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC).

Premier Employee Benefit Plan, Labor Union and Not‐for‐Profit Practice

Unions, Nonprofits, and businesses

  • Firm’s audit practice specialized in EBP, Labor Unions and Not‐for‐Profit Entities
  • Depth and experience of professional staff
  • Understands complexities of EBP

Strength of Engagement Team

  • Engagement team expertise and depth
  • Attention of senior management
  • Dedicated professional team
  • Commitment to ongoing communication ensures focus on best service

Education and Technology Focus

  • Continuing education at all levels to address complex issues facing accountants and auditors
  • Knowledge sharing with clients on current issues and concerns
  • Ongoing investment in technology to benefit our clients with more efficient and effective work processes


  • Firm personnel have been working as a team for almost 10 years, with some working as a team for over 25 years
  • Issues and concerns addressed through ongoing communication efforts, resulting in levels of client satisfaction


  • Competitive fees along with competitive experience and expertise


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