Tax Preparation, Planning and Compliance

Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co. offers comprehensive tax services, aimed at analyzing your unique situation and finding the best ways to meet your tax obligations while paying no more than the law requires.

While that may sound like a simple, common sense goal, the complexity of today’s tax system means that your tax preparer must have both depth‐of‐experience and up‐to‐date training to make it a reality for you!

Tax Preparation

We offer top quality, personalized tax preparation services, covering the many federal, state and local taxes that may impact you both personally and in your business.

Even the most sophisticated software or online service can’t compete with the educated tax professionals and CPAs on staff at Albanese Sinchar Smith & Co.

Every situation is different. Learning the tax advantages and liabilities that apply to your unique position takes a dedicated professional with the ability to bring to light each tax deduction and exemption that applies to you or your business.

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Tax Planning

Our services don’t stop at the end of tax season, but extend year round for both corporations and individuals.

The Internal Revenue Code is a maze of hidden deductions and savings, and we are experts and finding the right way through for you or your business. Our reputation is based on knowing the tax code, inside and out.

We work with you to help plan out future decisions so that they will coincide with important tax deadlines and requirements.

We’ll save you money in both the short term and the long run.

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Tax Compliance

Most individuals and corporations strive to maintain tax compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. This isn’t always easy, as the code changes often and can be overwhelmingly complex.

We provide our clients with a sense of ease come tax season, knowing that they’ll receive all applicable deductions while operating in full compliance with the law.

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